Alchemy Core is built with your busy life in mind. It’s designed to be the most streamlined training and compliance solution available. But you’re bound to have questions. So we have answers!

Yes, it really is that easy. Simply pick the package that fits your needs, enter your payment information, and voila — you’ll be granted administrator access to the Alchemy Core training solution.

Nope. There is no contract, and you can cancel any time — no questions asked! After your first payment, subsequent monthly payments are automatic. If you cancel, your previous monthly payment will be your last. So, when you think about it, there’s not really a reason not to give it a try!

That’s no problem at all. Email Core@AlchemySystems.com and we’ll get you the purchase order right away.

Once your account is created, you will have an Administrator Dashboard. You will enter your employee names here. Each employee will have a separate login where they can take the training you want them to take. 

Fair enough! But no worries. There will be plenty of help if you need it. Your Administrator Dashboard will have several, short “how to” videos that cover the basics. Each video will be 1-3 minutes and should ramp you up to expert level in no time. If you’re still having troubles, there is a chat support function within the Administrator Dashboard to give you instant access to an Alchemy Core platform expert.

Nope. Alchemy Core has a built-in LMS. No setup required, no integrating with other systems you may use — just log in and go! Administrators will be able to add/remove employees, assign specific libraries to employees (if you have more than one library), and run reports. Your employees will each have a unique login to take their required training.

Because each employee has a unique login, you will be able to run (and export) reports that indicate what training each employee has taken, along with the score they attained in each course. You will be able to run the report by course title (with a list of each employee who took that course and their core), or by employee (with a list of each course that employee has taken, with their scores).

Any employee already set up in Alchemy Core can use a “Reset Password” link if they forget their password. An employee could also use the Chat Support feature if they need more assistance logging in and taking a course.  Alternatively, as the administrator, you will also have the ability to reset both the user ID and password for each of your employees.

Yes indeed. That will be no problem. The best way to get started is to call (866)-463-5117 or email core@alchemysystems.com.  

Not with Alchemy Core. But Alchemy does offer a more diverse training solution that includes a user-friendly course-authoring tool for easy customization. Just call us at (866)-463-5117 or email contactus@alchemysystems.com to learn more about these options.